Hi We’re Kavishala!

Poetry and Stories. They’re not static. They’re living. Breathing. They change and they can change you. At Kavishala, we’ve seen the power a single story and poetry can have. In fact, when you work here, you see that happen every day.

Kavishala, as the name suggests it is ‘A school for poets and Writers’. Kavishala’s primary motive is to bring poetry and literature in limelight. It was started in May, 2017 with an intention to create a platform for the new and young poets and writers across India and overseas. Kavishala was started as an online portal for amateur poets to share their poetry with fellow poets but now after a year, apart from being an online portal it has its presence in many cities like Mumbai, Pune, Udaipur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Delhi, Bangalore etcetera across India and working on growing more.

Kavishala is a portal which also arranges poet and writer meets on a regular basis aiming at keeping in touch with its writers and poets personally and being a guiding fellow, also gives opportunity to poets and writers in getting published with their partnering Print Media and in Kavishala’s books too. Kavishala’s two editions have already been published and around One hundred fifty poets were selected. This portal has more than 25,000 poets connected and 1,00,000 plus poems and stories shared, as of now. It is a platform for Poets and writers where they can share and discuss their poetry and literature with their comrades and open for all languages Hindi, Urdu, English, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannad, Tamil etcetera.

Kavishala was founded by Ankur Mishra, who is an Engineer by profession but a poet and writer by nature, no wonder where this idea of creating Kavishala popped-up from.
Enjoy penning down your warm poetry!
Kavishala in numbers: 1+ Million monthly audience use Kavishala 8+ minutes Average daily time spent by per user 80+ Million minutes spent on the Kavishala platform every month 1,00,000+ interactive poetry and stories available on Kavishala