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I was just marveling one day!

I felt as if I was standing alone at the bay,

I was seeking an answer from the lord,

I asked them to gift me a mystic sword,

Which can safeguard me from evil,

Also, I demanded a consistent strong will!

Which can insulate me if I ever rebel,

I wanted to come out of the comfort shell,

So that I can reflect on what I believe in,

I know, Comparison is the thief of joy,

So isn't it better to let your skill unleash & deploy,

I got the answer that I should stop measuring life's length,

It's better to resonate with reality and nurture inner strength,

I know , I am learning gradually,

But that's not a mundane thing actually!

Probably I'll feel better in the upcoming days,

Trials will end after testing my coping ways,

I realised it at that very moment!

There's no good in being dormant,

I again started enjoying my sleep like an infant,

I've made it mandatory to eat healthy,

I've started to work with a balance,

Honestly, for an instance!

If you're not giving up on your dreams,

Then I'll feel that Lord has gifted me everything in your bright beam!

- Yati

Be Happy! ❤️

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