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Everyone has a story to tell,

Few are of torment, few are woven well!

We love to learn from people who shine & are kind!

What they did to sail through life when they're out of their mind,

How they managed to thrive,

Whilst knowing it's tough to survive,

How they hold on to faith whilst their soul dive,

I've been a part of that mirthful hive,

Where there was less response,

Everyone was looking for my cons,

I dreamt to tell a story to me,

So that I'll be able to feel the light within me,

I want to shed those vicious walls,

I so want to rewrite the script for those fairytale balls,

Everything can get changed within a blink!

Even the velvety reality which appears as a luxury shrink,

I hope to see the brighter side,

I wish to perceive everything with a perspective so wide!

- Yati

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