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The first few hours of my day

I lived with smile, I lived with glee,

And the fool in me thought;

Life is beautiful and it's easy to be happy.

But the rest few hours had made me learn,

Life is not what I thought it to be;

And we have to fight with our ownself;

Just to win a smile and be happy.

When I saw the birds chirp and fly free above,

They're a sign of joy I always thought.

But monsoon thunders and rains and cold winter nights

Along with their lives to them have brought.

Sometimes wondering with thirst and hunger,

If they get no food or water,

And perhaps there's a pain

In all the chirp they utter.

And when the flowers bloom and dance with the breeze,

Have I ever thought they would whither and die?

Or someone would tear them up,

Their helpless petals will lifeless lie.

Or when I see their fresh smile in the shower,

When with each drop dance every flower,

Have I seen the tears in them,

On a hot noon, for a single drop of water?

If life is not always easy for them,

How it can be for me?

I am just another of His Creations

And nothing special in the fair hands of Destiny.

( a poem by me, dated 16th January 2019)

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