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Amidst the endless expanse of time and space,

I travelled far and wide in search of grace.

Countless miles I traversed, without any halt,

Yet the thirst for truth never came to a halt.

I met countless souls along the way,

Some kind and caring, while others led astray.

But despite the millions of hearts I crossed,

Darkness and malice were all that they caused.

And then, when I thought that all was lost,

I stumbled upon a truth that came at a cost.

For I realized that the light I sought,

Was never out there, but within me, a thought.

So I looked within and found the light,

A beacon of hope shining ever so bright.

And in that moment, I knew for sure,

That the truth was always within, and nothing more.

Thus, I end my journey with this newfound truth,

A realization that has redefined my youth.

For I now know that the answers I seek,

Are not out there, but within me, so to speak.

"Rashid Ali Ghazipuri"

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