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A pen in hand brings

The levity of heart

And the obeying strings

Of passionate couplets

Irresistibly start…

Starts in the poetry

The unabated tales of love

Which shoots to eyes

A reckless intense rocket

That cracks above...

Cracks open the pain

Of the in-between distance

And hopes love for love

In exchange,

It takes a chance.

Chance that involves

Holding hand in hand

And to live every moment 

As would one live

On a dreamland.

Dreams if the significant other 

The ditto or the same if feels,

What else could one

Possibly want or would

Like to appeal.

But if the expectations somehow

Don't reach the goal

And the injury of love

On your body 

Takes control,

Control your grief and come

Back to your pen

And to fill vacant pages again

Must you write 

Another love poetry then.

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