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I saw a man walking tall

The riches galore

He had it all

That proudly gait

As if he’ll never fall

I met him in a tavern

And there was he

Surrounded by damsels

Amid pomp and glee

He called for drinks

And I was offered one

Salud! He said

Let there be some fun

There’s no land

Where he hasn’t been

No sight he said

That he haven’t seen

Life is short he said

You gotta win

So much to have

So many to swing

The crowd cheered

The damsels swooned

Champagne on ice

For everyone in the room

The waiters poured on

The spirits soared on

A drink spilled

Over Thee

Everyone startled

And mad was He

A chaperone faltered

Had spilled the drink

The whole party saw

How that raised a stink

Grabbing by collar

He punched the culprit

Blood flew freely

Yet He gave a shit

You spoiled my Armani

Shouted He

Hammering the guilty

Painful it be

Mercy! I begged

And the cries faded out

Oblivious He continued

So was the justice meted out

He kept hitting

Till he couldn’t hit anymore

He wins no matter what

Now that’s for sure

Not a whiff, not a sound

The poor guy laid battered

And I saw, the mighty fall

How His grandeur had shattered

Silence can have the loudest noise

Pride comes always without poise

Riches don’t always warranty class

Diamonds can’t suffice for the glass

I say, days are short

Life is long

So much to learn

Before you’re gone

Now, I see a man walking tall

The riches galore

But that’s not all

Pride comes always

Before the fall…

– Pushpender Rathee

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