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Daily I am seeing

myriads of faces

and listening them

talk in high terms

about themselves.

Regularly I am witnessing

how selfish humans

have turned, how blatantly

their hearts are shut.

No trace of empathy.

Airs are telling nothing

but lies. Or else truth

mixed and tweaked. How

rapidly it's eroding my trust.

I am returning home hopeless.

It's just black or else rogue grey. 

Filling up pockets is sole interest or 

if any other, It's trying to raise 

social prestige by constantly chanting 

how much they contributed.

Painful it is to witness such degradation,

such sheer murder of essence

with which humans were crafted,

That divine light, that high moral

plane. Humans are looking like demons.

And I cry. Cry at being befooled by

someone seeking help. Cry at being

approached for telling false things.

Cry at being made a person so cynical.

I am unable to believe in anyone.

In the end, I am becoming a misfit.

Misfit in weird set up of matters.

Though naturally they find me weird.

May be it's true. I think it's true.

I am having abnormal nature.


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