Unique Technique of Mind is Supersonic's image
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Mind's reach is damn vast,

It will never at all exhaust,

Mind will travel very fast,

At times, let the mind fast.

Mind is an invaluable asset,

Whenever mind feels upset,

Like the Sun, peace will set,

Gloom and tears are then met.

Cheerful mind achieves successfully,

So, consume cheer nonstop daily,

Once cheer is supplied to mind duly,

Mind comes out of hardship surely.

When hope is wisely befriended,

Mind's agonies can be ended,

Sacred prayer is recommended,

As by God prayers are attended.

Thinking is mind's sole occupation,

An idle mind suffers sure dissipation,

Right thinking does soul-purification,

Wrong thinking brings self-destruction.

Praying mind is the purest,

Controlled mind is the strongest,

Mind-management is the toughest,

As the mind works without rest.

Mind is indeed absolutely capable,

To achieve feats viewed as impossible,

Right thinking alone is always desirable,

As it makes the mind sound and noble.

Mind can do wonders,

When it skillfully ponders,

To God, when it surrenders,

It is relieved of its blunders.

In a loving mind God is dwelling,

As love is purely a divine feeling,

To God, when the mind is appealing,

Laws of fate, God will be repealing.

Fearless mind is marvelous,

Mind without faith is hopeless,

Human mind is totally helpless,

Without prayer and God to bless!

M V Venkataraman

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