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Troubles are Bubbles if Effort Doubles

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 15, 2023
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In your life, will come hardship,

Trying to sink your life-ship,

Have with God a partnership,

Continue to believe in worship.

When progress is very slow,

Reason for that, try to know,

Take with courage the blow,

Let not your mood go low.

Try to peacefully exist,

To reach the goal, persist,

To your own self, insist,

That God will kindly assist.

Let not heart turn barren,

And give a sorrowful siren,

We are all God's children,

To time's tune, we all run.

Run away from the beaten track,

And establish yourself with knack,

You may happen to face a drawback,

Courageously ever face the setback.

When fate is that devilish,

Drop not your golden wish,

By being a water less fish,

Try to rectify every blemish.

If you don't possess pride,

God takes always your side,

In your heart, He will reside,

To bring you a favorable tide.

If your thinking is sensible,

Everything is then possible,

God-faith is indispensable,

Though God is fully invisible.

Practice makes you perfect,

By removing every defect,

Your merit, you have to detect,

Your talent, you don't suspect.

Practice, practice and practice,

Until you can do with great ease,

Will vanish all your difficulties,

God will deliver you holy peace.

M V Venkataraman

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