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To Manage Before and After Marriage

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 6, 2023
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Marriage is only God's decision,

It is once in a life fine occasion,

If one makes the right selection,

One gets continuous affection.

God does the final detection,

Heaven gives the protection,

Couples' duty is celebration,

Through a jointly taken action.

Marriage isn't for mere child-production,

It is sharing of intimately had emotion,

Arising out of both dejection and elation,

As it creates the most sacred relation.

Only after making the safest deliberation,

One must offer heart as the consideration,

At a later stage, there must be no botheration,

This is indispensable for peace-preservation.

Simply marrying by following the tradition,

Is nothing but a very burdensome addition,

There mustn't be laid any negative condition,

Happy are married couples with forevision.

Huge expenditure is parents' contribution,

Child's welfare is their number one intention,

Parents will surely undergo great tension,

The couple must live well, gaining attention.

Beauty is only an outside decoration,

Everyone is purely God's creation,

The right touch gives hearts vibration,

For that, let couples make a preparation.

God alone arranges for the combination,

By giving shape to the couple's imagination,

By having a heart-to-heart communication,

Couple must circumvent fate's machination.

Marriage is a foolproof authentication,

Of two kind souls' life-long unification,

All doubts must have quick clarification,

This will help avoid every complication.

Of all parts, heart is the softest section,

Prayer is a protection against infection,

Pray for an instantaneous correction,

God's benediction helps avoid friction!

M V Venkataraman

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