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Submission of Sweat Helps Completion of Mission

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 13, 2023
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Have an ambition,

After its formation,

Gather information,

Toil for realization.

Keenly pursue the chosen goal,

Rectify each and every loophole,

If defeat comes, don't condole,

Pray to strengthen the soul.

Victory gives the best elation,

Form with it a strong relation,

Luck and work form a combination,

Prayer helps in proper salvation.

Be firm and don't aimlessly drift,

In efforts show never any thrift,

In goal, never at all allow any rift,

From goal to goal, win and shift.

When defeat poses a real threat,

It means efforts are pending yet,

Don't foolishly weep and regret,

Shrewdly produce extra sweat.

By fearing defeat, don't withdraw,

Go not for a meek and weak draw,

"No Pains No Gains" is a famous law,

Have deepest faith in that solid saw.

Approach with a winning motive,

Work has no other alternative,

Wishing is everyone's prerogative,

God makes wrong wishes abortive.

Victory is always selective,

One who is perfectly attentive

Appears to victory attractive,

To true toil, God is supportive.

Work hard in full swing,

Hopefully do a boring thing,

Success will be soon visiting,

The entire world will be praising.

When toiling is done with sincerity,

And planning is executed with clarity,

Almighty who is the ultimate authority

Will amply reward every noble duty!

M V Venkataraman

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