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Never at all doubt your talent,

You mind, laziness will blunt,

For success to come to your tent,

Optimism only is very important.

Nothing you surely lack,

God will arrive to back,

Worries may number a lac,

Deviate not from the track.

Tiny progresses lead to achievement,

Acquire a very calm temperament,

Your journey in world-compartment

Must give the world great merriment.

Say to bad habits goodbye,

Aim and think nobly high,

And mentally fly in the Sky,

Curiously you ask, why?

Prove strongly your worth,

By improving the earth,

Bring to all enough mirth,

All must celebrate your birth.

Great plans while you make,

Troubles will give head-ache,

Lose not heart for heaven's sake,

Your guts, nothing must shake.

To exorcise fate-devil,

Possess colossal will,

Fate will then fall ill,

Life will have thrill.

Never remain inactive,

Let your role be effective,

In goals always be selective,

In thinking, be ever positive.

At no time feel sad,

As pessimism is bad,

Be a hard-working lad,

You will stay ever glad.

Let God-faith be very huge,

Let holy emotions deluge,

God will be your only refuge,

By solving any subterfuge!

M V Venkataraman

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