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Life will one day end,

None can find a remedy

He who learns to bend,

Makes his living steady.

Invariably sadness will touch,

Joy will come closely behind,

Only tears, demon fear will fetch,

Hope produces peace of mind.

Plan this life wisely and lead,

Success will be the outcome,

Chase not wealth with greed,

Contentment is ever welcome.

World itself is a paradise,

For a hard-working person,

It contains pleasant surprise,

After every bitter lesson.

Pleasant thinking is a must,

To bear day-to-day shocks,

Carefully draft the goals' list,

Instill confidence via self-talks.

Cherish each and every moment,

By thinking in the right aspect,

When agonies come to torment,

Pray to God to mercifully inspect.

Go in the right direction,

Seize every opportunity,

Life vanishes in a fraction,

Be faithful to the Divinity.

Always think in terms of goodness,

Let peace enjoy equitable distribution,

Pursue justice with great keenness,

Wisely act only after due deliberation.

Accept calmly defeat and proceed further,

By taking all the steps that finely rectify,

Whenever confusion comes to bother,

That confused mind, prayers will purify.

This world is surely wonderful,

Thank God for His holy mercy,

Power of God is indeed awful,

Act today itself, remain not lazy!

M V Venkataraman

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