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Keep your mouth shut,

You will never regret,

As none you will hurt,

My life, let me now bet.

Remedy for anger is delay,

Delaying is the best way,

To gain wisdom, you pray,

Silently celebrate everyday.

To work hard, never refuse,

Put your life to good use,

Have in mind noble views,

Then, your views are news.

Good habits if you cultivate,

You can definitely tame fate,

Pray to God to communicate,

No problem will be intricate.

The best, to you, God does,

He only protects all of us,

When you are in a mess,

Pray to God to kindly bless.

Fearing is a deadly disease,

Prayer alone is the grease,

Agony of heart, He will ease,

If you pray deeply for peace.

Wavering mind, you arrest,

Make it take adequate rest,

Always do your level best,

Muse over to be the wisest.

Always practice moderation,

Life is for a short duration,

Defeats may give botheration,

Wisdom comes via deliberation.

If God's name is sacredly chanted,

In mind, peace is strongly planted,

Great blessings are kindly granted,

By fear, you are no longer daunted.

Precious time, carefully spend,

Deliver a prayer every second,

All your agonies, God will end,

His blessings, God will send.

M V Venkataraman

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