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A job will be benevolently allotted,

Let its golden features be spotted,

For a particular job, I eagerly opted,

Let, by me, confidence be adopted.

From morning nine to evening four,

I must avoid time that clock will score,

To the job, I must be sincere to the core,

Benefits may be less, but let it not bore.

I hope all my doubts will be clarified,

That is why, for the job, I have applied,

My private affairs, I will firmly set aside,

To have in my work a comfortable stride.

The orders of my superiors, I will obey,

By keeping laziness and lethargy at bay,

So abundant is my precious monthly pay,

In my job, I will merrily and honestly stay.

To customers, I will show true sympathy,

Toward my job, I will never show apathy,

I will try to pray for all via telepathy,

I won't have, against anyone, antipathy.

I view my job as God's holy donation,

I will serve through self-abnegation,

I will never work for mere promotion,

I will never seek a selfish obligation.

To my seat, I will firmly stick,

So that many pearls I can pick,

My mind, boredom may prick,

I will beat it with a prayer-stick.

Three dangerous evils, I will firmly eliminate,

They are laziness, jealousy and being obstinate,

Today's work, I will never try to procrastinate,

Toward all, I will be kind and compassionate

My institution pays me kindly every month,

I will contribute to her financial strength,

I will donate for charity salary's one-tenth,

During my service that has a long length.

Through exhibiting a sterling character,

I will work devotedly for banking sector,

Like a bee, I will gather money-nectar,

And believe that God is life's main factor.

M V Venkataraman

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