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One Corners Honors Via Gentle Manners

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 2, 2023
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Dress neatly,

Talk politely,

Work quietly,

Win definitely.

Allow opponent to talk,

Then, friends will flock,

Put for your tongue lock,

You will have cake-walk.

Let your contribution be more,

Watching others, try to ignore,

Your duty is to toil and score,

Don't oversleep and just snore.

Give a truthful compliment,

Better reserve your comment,

Your words must well-cement,

And strengthen every moment.

If you want to object,

Strong words, don't eject,

Your views, you project,

Clearly about the subject.

Don't just raise your voice,

Though you have the choice,

Talk without making any noise,

Maintain the mind's equipoise.

When you get severe anger,

Keep tongue under hunger,

Accuse not by showing finger,

Wait patiently, wisely longer.

For rancorous feelings to subside,

In your heart, God must preside,

In your mind, kindness must reside,

You must stand at the truth's side.

Life must burn like an incense,

Future is a mysterious suspense,

God-faith is a protective defense,

Please use enough common sense.

Build a bridge, never any wall,

Learn well and love also all,

World must be a bettered hall,

When you receive death's call!

M V Venkataraman

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