Mystery  is this Life-Story's image
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To write about love, I have no authority,

As my love affairs ended only in calamity,

I can't write surely about sacred equanimity,

As I never possessed it with damn certainty.

I can't write about women as I don't understand them,

Though my mother was a woman who gave me asylum,

She maintained strict calmness when dad gave problem,

She used to sit before Gods and hum sincerely a hymn.

Politics is something which I don't like even a bit,

But, in every walks of life, I am forced to face it,

If a group of people gossip, with them, I can't sit,

That makes me to be with them absolutely unfit.

I came alone and will die to reach God only alone,

Via my end, I will promptly repay the given life-loan,

On that day, I will be shown the figure of the Unknown,

I am sure this body and soul, forever I can never own!

M V Venkataraman

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