My Word "To Go Forward" be Heard's image
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Don't delay,

Start today,

On your way,

To God, pray.

Accept the blame,

Improve your name,

You will get fame,

Win this life-game.

First think, then act,

Find out the real fact,

No greed is compact,

To derive it, use tact.

Time is indeed so meager,

Better to try with real vigor,

Via efforts that are bigger,

As the first, you will figure.

Always follow simplicity,

To God, convey anxiety,

Avoid the error of rigidity,

Train the mind in flexibility.

Bad habits will entice,

Will, never at all sacrifice,

Laziness if you patronize,

Life-long you will agonize.

Toiling is a magic formula,

Hard-work is the only law,

That contains not any flaw,

It makes you Samson Delilah.

Always be courageous,

Besides being ambitious,

Boldness is advantageous,

So, keep boldness in surplus.

Study wisely your own error,

By talking before the mirror,

Whenever you get terror,

A solution will surely flower.

Living is a wonderful art,

Life is indeed very short,

Let love rule your heart,

Play your part, be smart.

Prayer is the best holy device,

That gives a peaceful advice,

To pray, He who sincerely tries,

Finds bliss coming by surprise.

M V Venkataraman

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