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Miracles Happen if Knowledge You Deepen

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 23, 2023
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Knowledge is power,

Remember this truth,

If knowledge is poor,

Life won't be smooth.

World admires he who knows,

And gives him great respect,

To every genius, this world owes,

As ideas have a profound effect.

Perspiration and also inspiration,

Form the foundation for a genius,

Via hard-working do the preparation,

Victory is assured if you are serious.

Knowledge once gained,

Is the greatest defense,

A brain that has strained,

Will drive away ignorance.

Brain must be ever used,

Knowledge if is distributed,

Will not at all get reduced,

This truth can't be refuted.

If you give a man to eat fish,

For only one day you just feed,

Teaching fishing if is your wish,

You then fulfill his life-time need.

Education indeed is a real must,

For each and every individual,

Please quench brain's thirst,

The procedure must be gradual.

Various fields are now available,

For people to get enlightened,

To become highly knowledgeable,

Brain-room must be brightened.

When principles are well-taught,

A great service is superbly done,

Ignorance must be strongly fought,

And the battle must be finely won.

Learning Goddess must shower on us mercy,

And enrich our knowledge constructively,

The world must totally eradicate illiteracy,

And make all the brains function actively.

M V Venkataraman

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