Mind is a Sacred Gift for Mankind's image
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If your mind feels feeble,

Only then is born trouble,

And so you are by me told

To stay always very bold.

Real courage when you show,

Fame makes your name glow,

The secret lies only in guts,

Fame, he who is brave gets.

Courage is a great trait,

Proving clearly your might,

Acquire it in enough quantity,

You will become a celebrity.

When a job is damn tedious,

The Result will be glorious,

Believe confidently like this,

The job will give true bliss.

If it is strongly felt

That a job is difficult,

By being enthusiastic,

Be a mind-mechanic.

If mind stands like a rock,

It has peace to steadily flock,

An infirm mind badly loses,

And suffers in peace losses.

Keep your mind steady,

To escape from jeopardy,

If your mind is your slave,

Worry reaches the grave.

Anything mind can manage,

Due to fear, it suffers damage,

In life, fear is unavoidable,

Contract with fear is voidable.

Mind's strength is immense,

So, give mind importance,

Firmly meet every setback,

Let not your mind stay slack.

Prayer is a miraculous force,

That opens Heaven's doors,

Believing is mind's discretion,

From it, peace is a secretion!

M V Venkataraman

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