Marriage is Wholly Holy's image
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Chance to unite God provides,

Marriage contract, God decides,

To face life's ebb and tides,

Pray to God, He then guides.

In life, love forms the base,

It can be got via God's grace,

Heart is more important than face,

To cheerfully face the coming days.

To each other, be very honest,

Give no room for devil lust,

Jointly face the worst and best,

And at last win this life-contest.

Indulge not in insulting,

Give no chance for revolting,

Do the job of consulting,

Heart will never be wilting

Give beauty secondary position,

Always pay sincere attention,

Immerse the other one in affection,

And at no time must come friction.

When the situation becomes adverse,

Believe strongly that it will reverse,

Don't opt for that dangerous divorce,

Create holy cheers out of life-hours.

Firmly have the deepest attachment,

Allow not even little encroachment,

Face only together every impediment,

Marriage experiment is for merriment.

By deploying love-psychology,

Ask for heart-hurts apology,

Love produces great energy,

Marriage is a divine strategy.

This Universe is vast and broad,

Two souls are united by God,

Such an unification is very hard,

God is great enough to accord.

Lead a peaceful life dear couple,

Be an example for all the people,

Loving is the holiest principle,

Problems, God helps topple!

M V Venkataraman


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