Life is Smooth with No Uncouth Mouth's image
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Allow not in tongue slips,

Control wisely your lips,

In silence if mouth dips,

Peace will make trips.

Wrong words inflict mental wound,

And will make heart a burial ground,

Right words are strong and sound,

A magic formula in them is found.

Words that you in general utter,

Must neither curse nor flatter,

For mouth put silence shutter,

Then, you will appear smarter.

God alone is omniscient,

Still, He is always silent,

Let a truth be wisely learnt,

Silence makes you a giant.

Before opening your mouth,

Decide not to be uncouth,

Always speak only the truth,

Living will surely be smooth.

Carefully you always muse,

Allow nothing to confuse,

To be harsh, you refuse,

Soothing words, you use.

By being polite,

Others, you delight,

Make mood bright,

Kind mind is right.

Speech is in quality pure silver,

So, you must carefully deliver,

Silence produces golden hour,

During which peace will flower.

You will face criticism,

If you follow sarcasm,

Prove your dynamism

Let kind words blossom.

Life is for a short span,

Waste not time, but plan,

Wrong words if you ban,

You only win my dear man!

M V Venkataraman

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