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Your job may be highly tedious,

Giving you head and heart-ache,

Stop not, but proceed further,

Put into your mind dedication.

Hard-work has no match,

It has its own lovely reward,

Hold in heart deep God-faith,

Completely immerse in your job.

You mayn't at all get any assistance,

By work-load, you may be tortured,

Open not sorrowfully your mouth,

Proceed with grim determination.

Understand all the intricacies,

Become in your job a master,

Never at all lose courage,

Pray to the invisible Lord.

Almighty alone can save us all,

He is the best source of power,

Touch mentally His lotus feet,

All your troubles will vanish.

Stay, work and happily enjoy,

Don't regard job as a hurdle,

What a fine salary you get!

Think of those who struggle.

Your salary is a real bonanza,

It is purely the Almighty's mercy,

Be truthful and loyal to your job,

Then, maximum bliss will arise.

Working hard and praying,

Must be done ever together,

Extract out of work pleasure,

You will get adequate peace.

By God you are watched,

Be sincere and persevering,

Work under any condition,

Pray during any pressure.

Regard God as your real Boss,

Regard your boss as your God,

Do the level best that you can,

Dear man, please be hopeful!

M V Venkataraman

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