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Kick Fear, Pick Cheer, Trick Defeat Dear

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 8, 2023
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When fear suffers dissolution,

That itself is a fine a solution,

To believe take a resolution,

Role of fate is only an illusion.

Break fear into pieces,

Great energy it releases,

Tension in life ceases,

To mind, hope says, "yes"

When fear is given importance,

It leads to mind's impotence,

Life will be spent in repentance,

So, give not fear any acceptance.

Fear is thorn, courage is rose,

Consume courage in regular dose,

Away from mind when fear goes,

It takes defeat as both are close.

Drop fear to become a champion,

Have guts as a brave companion,

Remember, in victory's opinion,

Mind and guts must form a union.

To win the coveted cup,

Never with fear give up,

Courage is the first step,

For life to finely develop.

Firmly tell fear,

Not to come near,

Kick it in its rear,

Go in life higher.

"Fear fears praying"

Is a very wise saying,

Pray without delaying

As fear will be obeying.

When fear faces refusal,

Success makes a proposal,

If courage is at one's disposal,

Defeat faces definite dismissal.

Life is a thrilling voyage,

Traveling needs courage,

Prayer is a very kind message,

To God to light life's passage!

M V Venkataraman

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