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In Life God Removes Every Strife

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 26, 2023
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Your talents are intact,

So, boldly try to act,

Have with God a pact,

You only will win in fact.

Pray to the Almighty,

Keep mind calmly free,

Stick to goals like a bee,

Be useful to the society.

Do the job that you fear,

Time will wipe off your tear,

Pray to make the Lord hear,

He will help you with cheer.

Tightly hold the Lord's feet,

If comes a thundering defeat,

You will achieve a great feat,

When you continue to repeat.

Think thrice before leaping,

Or else you will be weeping,

If opportunity is creeping,

Indulge not in lazily sleeping.

Living might be very hard,

But, never at all forget God,

One day God will surely nod,

To give you kindly safeguard.

Pray hopefully day and night,

Praying is your birth-right,

Though God is out of sight,

He makes your problems light.

Though you may lose,

Let not efforts cease,

Aim to attain holy peace,

Live like the cool breeze.

God alone is always permanent,

He will remove each impediment,

Ever think of Him every moment,

Then, for you, success is meant.

By success, happiness is produced,

By failure, pride only is first reduced,

Let God's name be by tongue used,

And to do good, let you be induced.

M V Venkataraman

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