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Believe in God,

Pray to Him,

Work so hard,

With great vim.

You can definitely do,

Please make an attempt,

Let efforts be very true,

Work without contempt.

Concentrate wholeheartedly,

Feel neither weak nor meek,

Apply your mind devotedly,

To reach, in career, the peak.

Stumble or fumble not,

Work with firmness,

If your fear is naught,

Life enjoys brightness.

Work with accurate speed,

By Keeping in mind safety,

Live not with sinful greed,

Do calmly your given duty.

In smile, put fullest trust,

In heart, have confidence,

To work hard, have thirst,

Always obey Providence.

By being always polite,

Come out of trouble,

By avoiding a fight,

Make your joy double.

Learn to slog,

Work like a bull,

You may be a cog,

Never feel dull.

Keep your mind steady,

Concentrate on the task,

Report to God your malady,

Then, proceed, don't bask.

Allow the Almighty to lead,

On Him, pass on the blame,

Ever do only a noble deed,

For getting name and fame!

M V Venkataraman

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