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Do the job that is very tough,

And prove you hold the stuff,

Time may be hard and rough,

Tell God the truth, don't bluff.

Prayer will supply Himalayan energy,

God will assist you in your strategy,

For all the mistakes, convey apology,

At no time, give room for lethargy.

One job you may finely finish,

From the scene, don't vanish,

Love for duty mustn't diminish,

Shirking of work, firmly abolish.

Respect ever the authority concerned,

Work hard for the holy money earned,

Ideas about laziness must be burned,

Proper service must be ever returned.

All the difficulties, stoically bear,

Two jobs, never at all compare,

Let the toughest job be your share,

To be true, before God, you swear.

The job may exert upon you pressure,

But, isn't your job a golden treasure?

The job's value, God only can measure,

Get out of hard-work deepest pleasure.

If you have very strongly felt

That the job is extremely difficult,

Go to the experts to wisely consult

So valuable will be the final result.

"No Pains, No Gains" is a maxim,

Enter water to learn, how to swim?

Realize your life's golden dream,

Digest hardship, don't just scream.

Become a king in banking,

Stop your bank from sinking,

Tears only she is now drinking,

Bring back her glory by thinking.

Sit, sit and sit on your seat,

Or else you will be on the street,

Bit by bit, the obstacles you beat,

By holding tightly God's lotus feet!

M V Venkataraman

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