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I am my Boss, I can Prevent Loss via Wise Laws

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 5, 2023
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My job, I will never quit,

My thoughts, I will edit,

I will have toiling habit,

Fearing, I will prohibit.

Maximum time I will devote,

To sail on my work-boat,

Hope will help my life float,

Over victory, I won't gloat.

Patience and tolerance, i will employ,

With a smile, face things that annoy,

Confidence and will will be my convoy,

I will do severe sweating to derive joy.

I will definitely be having some grievance,

I will overcome it by sheer perseverance,

Toward duty, I won't show any indifference,

I will calmly accept every day's occurrence.

If tongue isn't locked,

Peace can't be stocked,

If tears have to be blocked,

Then, fear must be knocked.

Once takes place a sacrificing tendency,

Then vanishes feeling of despondency,

Preaching without following is hypocrisy,

By always keeping busy, life is made rosy.

If thoughts are damn turbulent,

One becomes highly violent,

But, those who are truly valiant,

Are calm, quiet and also silent.

Spending extra time is preferable,

It is better not to be insufferable,

Prayer makes anything bearable,

My life must be for all a parable.

Whenever troubles arise,

I won't allow any cowardice,

Won't hesitate to sacrifice,

My mind, anger can't entice.

The number one requirement,

Is a faithful prayer presentment,

Let my prayer be a true statement,

The world is God's establishment.

M V Venkataraman

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