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Think not of the wasted past,

Precious present, it will cost,

Life will vanish very very fast,

In life, let not peace be lost.

Make not blunders at present,

As bitter lessons were learnt,

Time must be usefully spent,

To avoid occasions to repent.

If planning is proper,

Life will be super,

Planner will prosper,

His wit will be sharper.

People may offer advice,

Giving advice will be nice,

If advice stops he who tries,

Not heeding to it is wise.

Many give advice casually,

They aren't sincere usually,

Analyze their advice logically,

Or else life will end tragically.

Prevention is better than cure,

About yourself be damn sure,

Any hardship, patiently endure,

To have on earth a fine tenure.

If by you advice is sought,

You must first think a lot,

In worry-trap, get not caught,

By losses, lessons are taught.

Decide not when mood is low,

In dropping a goal, be slow,

Maximum efforts if you show,

Your life will brightly glow.

Worry not of wasted youth,

Ambition can be mammoth,

Prayer will definitely soothe,

To make living so smooth.

If God-faith is so deep and intense,

Support from God will be immense,

Use maximum of common sense,

And pray to God for deliverance!

M V Venkataraman

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