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Never at all feel afraid,

Face hurdles with guts,

Put into heart confidence

For results to be splendid.

You may initially lose,

Erase it from memory,

Repeat not the mistake,

Success is then yours.

Without God's help,

Nothing is possible,

Tap that source wisely,

And lead a peaceful life.

For dreams to come true,

Keep yourself vigilant,

Activate body and mind,

You will attain real glory.

If tears only inundate,

Life will become gloomy,

So, please avoid tears,

Have a positive motto.

Behave ever sagaciously,

And carry any kind of load,

Regretting saps energy,

And makes you a failure.

Initially any job will be tough,

Once you get enough practice,

You will master finally the job,

Then, execution will be easy.

Always follow only moderation,

To enjoy bliss and also success,

Don't try to at any time overdo,

If you do this not, losses arise.

Show to others sacred mercy,

Please always chant a prayer,

Have deepest faith in God,

Any problem, you can solve.

Act to preserve holy Justice,

Allow not mind to turn weak,

This life is then manageable,

Fear not, but understand life!

M V Venkataraman

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