Holy Cross-Belt Protects Duly's image
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Holy cross-belt ceremony

Brings in thoughts harmony,

Though the tongue is so tiny

It only controls man's destiny

As Sanskrit trains tongue properly,

Holy cross-belt must be put early,

A child that is performing poorly,

Will turn into a great soul truly.

Holy cross-belt has immense significance

It generates patience and confidence,

Controlling the mind is its real essence,

It bridges soul and the holy Providence

When Sanskrit mantras are uttered,

The soul that hears is bettered,

Mind no longer feels embittered,

Inside the mind, peace is shuttered

All the Sanskrit mantras

Are God's written laws,

Peace of mind, they cause,

Mantras end all the chaos

That body which holy cross-belt decorates,

Has a soul that highly usefully deliberates,

It definitely guards body's all the nine gates,

God's absence, holy cross-belt compensates.

Doing holy cross-belt rituals daily thrice

Makes one healthy, wealthy and wise,

Mind becomes then giant in its size,

Soul feels bodily imprisonment so nice

By holy cross-belt, peace is assured,

Through sacred peace, mind is cured,

By sincere prayer, soul is fully insured,

Then, any hardship can be endured.

Soon go for holy cross-belt protection,

By wearing it, enter into any action,

God will do the needed correction,

By taking us in the right direction.

As a child, better to wear holy cross-belt,

To become a wise and sagacious adult,

Prayer always brings a positive result,

God alone is the best source to consult!

M V Venkataraman

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