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History Records Story of Injury and Victory

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 13, 2023
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If the mind is enervated,

By hope it is renovated,

When fear is amputated,

Thoughts are regulated.

Goal makes life splendid,

Life with no goal is insipid,

History records one who did,

So, everyone makes a bid.

Toward achievement, travel,

Do something highly novel,

The world must truly marvel,

And preserve your name well.

Concentrate on the work undertaken,

Deviation may try to severely weaken,

By the world, you may be mistaken,

Still the goal mustn't be forsaken.

Drawbacks may come to rattle,

Their aim is to strongly belittle,

To acquire the winner's title,

Wage a fierce talent-battle.

To decorate history's page,

And stand on the victory-stage,

Release mind from fear-cage,

Your own mind, don't disparage.

Call your thoughts for a meeting,

Chuck out useless ones by deleting,

Praise noble thoughts by greeting,

Create sweet success by sweating.

God-faith is an effective tool,

It keeps heart calm and cool,

Strength, God-faith will pool,

Your heart, let God-faith rule.

Success is a commodity,

That has a high utility,

It is supplied by Divinity,

To the toiling society.

Failure may give frustration,

Defeat may provide botheration,

Loss to bring gloom's accumulation,

Pray to God for timely intervention.

M V Venkataraman

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