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Goddess Saraswathi and Telepathy

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 22, 2023
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Learning Goddess Saraswathi,

You have upon me sympathy,

Keep my mind fresh and pure,

Kindly help my mind endure.

In you, I put fullest trust,

My honest mind, don't test,

Miracles, every God does,

Do that also you Goddess.

Kindly stay in my pitch,

I know you won't ditch,

Your name, let me chant,

Mental peace, it will plant.

I pray to Lord Brahma,

To help me in life-drama,

He is your divine husband,

His mind, for me, you bend.

With your great support,

My ideas, let me export.

If the results are splendid,

I will know you only did.

My mind, you are mesmerizing,

Great feelings are in heart arising,

On you, I will always shower them,

Solve my life's intricate problem.

I pray with truest devotion,

My tears form an ocean,

Dry them soon my deity,

Help this sincere devotee.

When my path is utter dark,

And at me evils cruelly bark,

Please come to safeguard,

As I feel living is very hard.

Please increase my knowledge,

My requests, you acknowledge,

I will decorate you with lotus,

Kindly elevate my life's status.

Before you I am a big nil,

Please strengthen my will,

With me if you cooperate,

My troubles will evaporate!

M V Venkataraman

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