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Everything has pros and cons,

You acquire a very fair chance,

If your efforts you just enhance,

Then, In life, you will advance.

Defeat is a bitter lesson,

Your pride, it will lessen,

It affects every person,

Who lives under the Sun.

Improve knowledge in your field,

Without aiming for possible shield,

Great results, that will then yield,

Your injured heart can be healed.

Don't fear and sadly flinch,

Move forward inch by inch,

If your efforts are staunch,

Victories come in a bunch.

When efforts are increased,

God is immensely pleased,

Success is soon released,

By people, you are noticed.

Follow hard-work strictly,

Success will come surely,

Wait for the results patiently,

This way works out perfectly.

Don't just blindly gamble,

Planning is indeed simple,

Despite success, be humble,

Despite defeat, don't tremble.

For fast agonies' reduction,

Do useful ideas' production,

Prayer will give true protection,

After troubles' perfect detection.

March ahead by using brain-light,

God-faith makes your head light,

Though God is invisible to the sight,

He is felt by many who use foresight.

To say everything so precisely,

Take onerous efforts profusely,

Have faith in God immensely,

Do every act conscientiously!

M V Venkataraman

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