For Success so Big, Deeply Dig's image
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Life can be beautifully organized,

Body can be powerfully energized,

If, by mind, God is recognized,

By God, a way is surely devised!

Pursue the path of righteousness,

Immerse the soul with goodness,

Fill the heart with holy kindness,

Let the mind enjoy cleanliness!

By being always honest,

Request God to assist,

God will never resist,

He will do the best!

Face boldly every problem,

Confidence is a loyal chum,

Use God's name to ever hum,

Decide to always trust in Him!

Achievement will take place,

Only if there is God's grace,

Select a goal to wisely chase,

Pray for success to surface!

Power of mind, don't underestimate,

Keep the mind in a good climate,


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