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For Heavenly Destination of a Nation

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 3, 2023
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There may be serious inflation,

But, the common population,

Will work hard to save the Nation,

Occurring also is industrialization.

There is wrong money distribution,

One man enjoys wealth-accumulation,

Another couldn't do at all emulation,

So is damn weak money in circulation.

Agriculture alone is India's foundation,

But,happens regularly land-conversion,

So severe reduction in food production,

Happens factories' erection, construction.

Many reach the city with an expectation,

Over getting somehow an occupation,

This is no good for economic position,

As dangerous is agriculture's desertion.

If there is no land-cultivation,

And toward every other vocation,

If there is a badly drastic diversion,

Empty stomach will be the situation.

Properly made strong dam-construction,

Via solid engineers' perfect instruction,

Will give to the farmers superb protection,

Such an action brings overall satisfaction.

A country depends on Nature's benediction,

About Nature, none can give right prediction,

But, God who controls Nature's constitution,

Can end penury via prosperity's substitution.

Must be discouraged agriculture's abolition,

By formulation of laws declaring prohibition

Over the selling of lands in one's possession,

Mainly to promote the agriculture profession.

Without food, there can't be any digestion,

Without brain, there can't be any suggestion,

We must stop cities from having congestion,

And build villages via plans' implementation.

Prayer will save the country from extinction,

Sweats make the Nation score distinction,

Every premonition is a foolish superstition,

God alone gives the very best consultation.

M V Venkataraman

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