Find a Solution Via Your Mind's image
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Your mind, you must overhaul,

By standing in the praying hall,

It must check your opinion of all,

In God's hands, you are a doll.

In any way, you may be handled,

Your will mustn't get dwindled,

Your guts mustn't get swindled,

Losses into one must be bundled.

The bundle must be quickly jettisoned,

This action must be carefully reasoned,

Ideas about failure must be imprisoned,

By weak thoughts, the mind is worsened.

Mind is enthused by possibility,

So, don't suspect your ability,

Fate will test mind's durability,

Then, it salutes your capability.

One can never be an ever-loser,

If so, it will spoil one's composure,

Loss is to human brain a fertilizer,

Hoping is a healthy tranquilizer.

Don't forget the imminent truth,

That thinking must be smooth,

Your feelings, it must soothe,

Blissfully, you must ever breathe.

Every problem can be surely solved,

Provided you are so deeply involved,

By confidence, any problem is halved,

A way, your brain would have evolved.

No limit at all for human emotion,

It is exactly like the Sky, not ocean,

It can reach an undue proportion,

Let not your brain suffer erosion.

Smile and solve a problem,

Let God be your holy emblem,

If you prove to be a real gem,

You can enter God's Kingdom.

Let your heart God decorate,

In praying to God, be desperate,

God and you, let nothing separate,

Surely God will come to liberate.

M V Venkataraman

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