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When you carefully think,

You can achieve anything,

There is a very strong link,

Between glory and praying.

Don't at all resort to panic,

Initially matters will be tough,

If your confidence is so thick,

You can acquire the stuff.

Your power is really unlimited,

Remember always this truth,

When acts are truly committed,

Victory will surely be smooth.

Be not shy, but be bold,

You are born to win,

God's feet, tightly hold,

Follow toil as a routine.

New things try to learn,

Knowledge gives power,

Midnight candles, you burn,

Best results will then flower.

Practice to be patient,

Follow strictly silence,

By being finely efficient,

Forge with toil an alliance.

Anger is short madness,

Give it up firmly forever,

Cultivate shrewdness,

Success will surely occur.

Your mouth you just close,

But,wisely lend your ears,

Hard-work, you choose,

God will send you cheers.

Life is for a short span,

Manage it wonderfully,

Try to be a happy man,

By living contentedly.

Have deep faith in God,

He only will never cheat,

Resolve to work hard,

To do every great feet,

M V Venkataraman

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