Efforts are Necessary for Victory's image
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Try by taking efforts, do not lazily lie

Aim high, a place in the history, claim

Work hard, your duty, you never shirk

Show light by using what you know

Action taken alone brings satisfaction

Idle mind will make life a great riddle

Lazy people get not from God mercy

Busy souls make their life turn rosy

Active people normally are positive

Strong hope helps them prolong

It is a disgrace to them to quit

Honest try is to them the best

Loss makes them analyze the cause

Rectification they make with precision

Fear and tear, they allow not near

Bold attempts they make untold

Land is improved by their toiling hand

Find they ways to gladden every mind

Forget not they to pray, as joy they get

Robust they are and so they have zest.

M V Venkataraman

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