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Do Duty Well after Praying to the Almighty

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 18, 2023
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Whatever venture you undertake,

Pay respects to the Almighty first,

Definitely success you will make,

By tackling easily even the worst.

After taking a job,

Show full devotion,

Over defeats, don't sob,

Toil for double promotion.

You have to leave aloof,

By quitting your dynasty,

To God, produce proof,

About your holy honesty.

Day and night when you toil,

Unknown God makes a record,

Trick of destiny, God will foil,

And give success as a reward.

When future is damn bleak,

Pray truly by using the lips,

Problems will become weak,

When you make Temple-trips.

By acquiring will-power boon,

Show to God love like a dog,

Waste not time, but act soon,

Problems will vanish like fog.

When thinking is sound,

You can make God hear,

With God in the background,

Your mind will be made clear.

God is there to easily consult,

To Him, now go and confess,

Will come a favorable result,

In the form of sweet success.

Get not caught in dejection-bait,

Do your duty and God will care,

Weep not, but patiently wait,

God will give you your share.

In anything, be wisely moderate,

Trust God and to Him you entrust,

Mighty God is always considerate,

He will mercifully do his level best!

M V Venkataraman

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