Customer Service Gives Peace's image
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Customer is always right,

Serving him gives delight,

By being helpful and polite,

Our worth, we can highlight.

If customers' doubts are clarified,

Customers feel immensely satisfied,

Bank's reputation will get glorified,

Prosperity is for everyone multiplied.

Customers' satisfaction is the foundation,

For the success of every organization,

No organization comes under exception,

Violation invariably leads to liquidation.

If the employee pleasantly smiles,

The institution surely smooth-sails,

To impress the customer if he fails,

Then, no doubt, the institution ails.

A customer may be damn poor,

But, his tears have Divine power,

If are wiped off at the right hour,

Prosperity and peace will flower.

The institution will definitely grow,

By demolishing customers' sorrow,

If customers' service is thorough,

No need to worry about tomorrow.

Bankers are all like the honey bees,

Gathering honey via superb service,

Customers are like the evergreen trees,

Where bankers store precious Rupees.

If a customer is very well-served,

Bankers' reputation is preserved,

If rules are also strictly observed,

For growth, both have deserved.

Success in every business,

Depends on its goodness,

If there is serving awareness,

Then God helps with firmness.

Customers are prosperity in disguise,

So, prosperity comes before our eyes,

If we are understanding and also wise,

We will have such a pleasant surprise!

M V Venkataraman

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