By God Alone Peace is Grown's image
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When your position becomes critical,

Don't become crazy and hysterical,

Pray to the Lord by being practical,

Progress will be then astronomical.

Have with God a strong association,

God will give the needed protection,

God is the master of every creation,

Prayer always has due recognition.

Life is a very big ordeal,

Where every step is a trial,

When God-faith is real,

Fate proves to be cordial.

When prayer is delivered,

Mental peace is discovered,

Your request is duly answered,

To you, success is transferred.

If by remorse mind is afflicted,

Serious injury is on it inflicted,

If deep God-faith is depicted,

Sadness can be easily evicted.

Boredom may try to bombard,

By imposing a severe hazard,

In mind think of the great God,

And continue to work very hard.

Without hope, life is a very big naught,

With hope, something must be sought,

By God's keen eyes, efforts are caught,

Effortless lives just fail and badly rot.

Love the job and work artificially,

Do this for a period of time initially,

And pray to God daily very sincerely,

The job gets loved by you gradually.

To become in life eminent,

Hard-work only is imminent,

Loving the job temperament,

Makes success permanent.

Those who are duty-conscious,

Find spending of time delicious,

God-faith makes mood hilarious,

In blessing, God becomes serious!

M V Venkataraman

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