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In life comes a turning point,

When hard-work is sought after,

Hard-work will never disappoint,

It is indeed a great life-lifter.

Whatever job you may undertake,

When mind is absolutely devoted,

Others in the trade, you will overtake,

Quickly, you will also get promoted.

Sweat is a sacred liquid,

That will surely end defeat,

Progress will be damn rapid,

If you very sincerely compete.

Stars come to the limelight,

Never at all during the day,

Bad time is like the night,

When stars give a display.

Sky has never any limit,

Hope must enjoy the same,

By cultivating hoping habit,

You attain Himalayan fame.

Indulge never in oversleeping,

To waste time in useless dreams,

Over failures if you are weeping,

Will collapse all your schemes.

By being very very strict,

Protect your noble principle,

Excess rest if you restrict,

You will lead all the people.

Use always wit and wisdom,

Take matters in the right spirit,

This Cosmos is God's Kingdom,

Where everything holds merit.

Follow, "love all" motto,

Peace will be prevailing,

Be steady, though slow,

You will never be failing.

When God-faith is strongly deep,

Life stands then definitely secured,

Though severe losses may peep,

Still, bliss can be easily procured.

M V Venkataraman

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