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Whenever comes a tough adversity,

Get not doomed, use perspicacity,

Like exercise is a solution for obesity,

Prayer guards if is made with intensity,

You may be challenging a hurdle,

May arise confusion in the middle,

In a corner, if you fearfully huddle,

Defeat punishes for remaining idle.

Everyday, duty, if you are meeting,

It then gives fear a severe beating,

Instead if you are just retreating,

Your name, glory will be deleting.

Because of a mischievous mouse,

If you burn your precious house,

Hope-flame you foolishly douse,

Defeat's entry, your act allows.

If your eyes you can't close,

No use if your bed is a rose,

When chances come if you doze,

All your goals, fate will bull-doze.

Prayer preserves mind's tranquility,

By supplying peace with certainty,

God-faith provides complete serenity,

By preserving sanity ending calamity.

For your mind, be the real boss,

Then, you will suffer not any loss,

Waves of failure may try to toss,

But, boldly stick to your cause.

Prayer is a moral law,

That contains no flaw,

It is a sacred formula,

Making evils withdraw.

Mind's dirt, prayer will just dust,

If prayer is sincere and honest,

For a cause that is fair and just,

Then, the result will be the best.

Prayer has no parallel,

Stormy ideas, it will lull,

Toward you prayer will pull,

The Almighty via heart-bell.

M V Venkataraman

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