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First decide what you truly want,

Then, think of ways to achieve it,

Think not that you surely can't

To feel mentally perfectly fit.

Form a very nice program,

And follow it meticulously,

If your faith is just sham,

You will fail ridiculously.

Let steps to be taken be noted,

To make possible execution,

Defects in them be eliminated,

Via the process of examination.

Various problems will intervene,

And cause discouraging hardship,

By following strict discipline,

Keep the goal in your full grip.

After seeing your grim determination,

Your own mind will build confidence,

After making a careful observation,

Will come blessings of Providence.

Victory is never at all a joke,

To come as and when you call,

Continuously make the stroke,

One day, victory will surely fall.

Give up not half-way through,

It is indeed a shameful act,

When your efforts are true,

Your victory becomes a fact.

Prolong efforts without dropping,

Until your goal is completely over,

Spend life time always in hoping,

Soon, success, you will discover.

Sleeping leads to weeping,

So, sleep according to the need,

Hard-working helps in reaping,

With yourself taking the lead.

Chant a prayer during dismay,

God will definitely come to save,

Pray, pray and forever you pray,

To dig for problems a big grave!

M V Venkataraman

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