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The Importance of Literature in this Age of Social Media

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs October 13, 2021
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Literature always anticipates life.

It does not copy it but, moulds it to its purpose.

- Oscar Wilde

Have you ever thought of a world without literature? let's take you there...look at the adverse effect of social media causing mass destruction instead of advancing the civilization.

Social media causes lack of emotional connection. it gives people a license to be hurtful. on extreme point, it allows people to say things that they can't say or get away with in person. this is very disappointing that social media is being used as a way to hurt people as if they forget that there are real people behind the screen which can also be referred as cyber bullying, which is one of the worst things about social media. it gives access to most people to tease other people without even being traced. they bully people on a public platform which conveys the inauthentic expression of feelings. People are lacking authenticity due to social media and Loosing the humanity inside them. social media is also being used for hacking which can be said as an act of robbing in someone's house or you can just say that destroying someone's privacy without their permission which is leading to suicidal attempts mostly in the teens and kids. social media is diminishing understanding and thoughtfulness of people. the quality of conversations between people has been drop due to social media. I believe that people are spending so much time on time online but they don't always feel or understand the feelings and emotions as a basic human. social media has ruined thoughtfulness which is encouraging people to create a skewed self-image. people lie about themselves develop something that they are not. They are trying to pretend a perfect image of themselves and some of them actually try to rely on that imaginative thought they have of their selves instead of staying true to who we are. which is ultimately eliminating the sense of trust and honesty in society and encouraging fake things. And, when they get disappointed by the reality check which life gives all of us once we're on a wrong track which they can't handle and, then suffers from insecurities and depression.

All of it is primarily because they lack the humanity and sense which literature gives us. the pandemic situation which we are experiencing serves as a warning of what a world without literature and moral values might lead to. you have already seen what disaster it could bring if social media works in a negative context.

So, who is now going to tell you what is the wrong and what is right? Who's now going to inculcate into you the moral values. so that, you do not misuse social media. Rather you use it for the benefit of mankind. For the advancement of the civilization. That is done by literature. Herein, we enter into the importance of literature in the world of social media.

So, literature helps the readers to see life through the eyes of others and help gain a new perspective of living. Literature teaches you about yourself and about the past. Literature cultivates wisdom and a worldview as well as entertains at the same time. The epics of Homer, Plato, Horace and Virgil are the beacons of literature. Great literary works like The Bible, Quran and Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, provide society with guiding principles of life and here, it comes up with people of far sight who is giving that far sight to you. It is done by literature which makes you humane, which imbibes you the power of humanity. Non-fictional works like Biographies of people, real-life stories of courage, sacrifice and other such values never fail to inspire it's readers. So who give you the motivation? it comes from literature! Also, primarily Health issues that are caused by addiction of social media can be eliminated just by reading literature for 30 minutes it lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress just as effectively as yoga and humour do.

I hope you understood the importance of literature which many of us think is fading away somehow in the age of social media. So, let's not let it fade away because it has tremendous importance.

Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it.

It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides;

and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become."

- C. S. Lewis

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