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Neil Hilborn:A young poet who redefines the new version of Literature!

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs September 25, 2021
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An American slam poet Neil Hilborn was born on the 8th of Aug, 1990  who writes and recites poetry. He is best known for his poem "OCD", which has received over 75 million views. Hilborn visits to perform his poetry at colleges and other venues.


-By Neil Hilborn

“Things that I Hope Are True about Heaven

That the radio always plays what would have been your favourite songs. That there's always coffee if you want it. That you're there. That it's real.”

“When you're dumb enough for long enough, you're gonna meet someone too smart to love you, and they're gonna love you anyway, and its gonna go so poorly.”

“I will whisper your name

From the cracks in the canyon rocks

And you will know that this is heaven,

Knowing that someone will always remember

Your irises and where you hid your love

Letters and why you could never speak

In anything but short sentences.”

“I have been wondering, mostly, if love and sanity are the same thing. When I say I am in love I am also saying the world makes sense to me right now”.

His Contributions in Literature :

-> College National Poetry Slam champion, and a 2011 graduate with honors from Macalester College with a degree in Creative Writing.

->His debut full-length book, Our Numbered Days, is now released as a chapbook, Clatter.

->Member of the 2011 Macalester Poetry Slam team, which ranked first in the nation at the 2011 College National Poetry Slam.

->Co-coached the 2012 Macalester team, leading them to a second place finish nationally.

-> Member of the Minneapolis Adult National Poetry Slam team in 2011, which placed 5th out of 80 teams from cities across the country at the adult National Poetry Slam.

->Co-founder of Thistle, a Macalester literary magazine, and runs numerous writing workshops with college and high school students.

->His work has been featured in publications such as Borderline Magazine and Orange Quarterly.

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