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If the crisp autumn leaves

that fall swiftly from the trees

can be swept away on an October breeze...

why can't I?

If the bluebirds chirping happily

ever present in the morning sky

at any time they wanted to

could spread their wings and fly...

why can't I?

Inside of me there's a raging fire

that urges me to soar ever higher

as it threatens to consume me with it's flaming desire

and I ache to get away...

yet, when in my ear the call of freedom rings

and I begin to stretch my eager wings

like a kite, the world yanks on my strings

and again I'm forced to stay...

"Why must you pull me back to earth?!

Why must you clip my wings?!", I cry,

"What harm have I caused to thee

or crime have I committed to be

help captive here under lock and key

and left to watch the days go by?"

If I only had a single wish

i'd only want to know not more than this...

if i wish for nothing more

than to spread my wings and fly...

then tell me why can't I?..."

please tell me... why can't I?

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