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I've always had the biggest dreams

the biggest goals

ever since i was a little kid

everyone always told me i set the bar too high

but  i know i did

still they continued to tell me the same thing

silly little dreamer

they tell me

don't you know,

you're aiming much too high?

if you're not careful, they tell me

you just might find

while you've sat there and dreamt

your silly little dreams

the whole world has passed you by

and yet, while they stand there

and rebuke me

laughing all the while

silently i sit here listening

as they call me ridiculous

with naught on my face but a smile

don't you know, i say

i know i might never

reach all of those bars

but when i aim for the moon

and somehow fall short

i'll still land among the stars?

so i'll dream as big as i want to

there's no such thing as too high or far

there's never an end to what you can achieve

if you continue to raise the bar

silly little dreamers aren't silly at all

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